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Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Poster Art of Jakub Erol

In recent years, blog posts celebrating foreign editions of popular American movie posters have become rather common.  These alternate versions seem quite alien to our Western eyes, almost as if they had fallen from a different dimension and landed on our doorstep.  One of my favorites has always been this Polish poster for ALIEN, which is as amazing as it is inexplicable.

Turns out that this is from artist Jakub Erol, whose posters are routinely surreal. A quick search at the Movie Poster Database turned up a number of other sterling examples, my favorites of which that I have included here.

In this poster for KING KONG, our great ape looks more like an angry sasquatch...but I still wouldn't want to meet him on the dark side of Skull Island.

The image on the POLTERGEIST poster may look like a gathering of the undead Knights Templar from Ossorio's films, but have no fear. They are merely the earthly remains of human beings floating to the surface of your swimming pool.

CHRISTINE may have been a killer car, but she never actually sprouted a mouth with which to consume people, which is too bad.  Human blood is much cheaper than unleaded.

This poster for MY STEP MOTHER IS AN ALIEN is actually quite a beautiful use of negative space. Plus, looks like stepmama has a great figure, and isn't too ashamed of the nip slip.

Had I not known any better, I would have thought that this was a promotional image for AMERICAN HORROR STORY. However, it is actually for RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, with Indie's whip snaking through the skull of one of Lovecraft's elder gods, apparently.

This poster for HOWARD THE DUCK is fairly straight forward, though it looks like some strange bit of fowl propaganda. It also demonstrates Erol's fascination with hands.

HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS was a movie about peace loving hippies? Who knew?

As was SHORT CIRCUIT, apparently. I know that Johnny-Five (who was alive, incidentally) was a peaceful robot...but I don't think he had the proper digits to craft the peace sign.

Would you believe that this is the poster for WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S? Great as it is, it doesn't fully capture the epic and emotional story of a dead man and his friends.


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