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Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Bedroom of Fright Night's Charley Brewster

I always find it interesting how Hollywood films depict the bedrooms of "average" teenagers.  While watching the original FRIGHT NIGHT (1985) the other day, I was struck by the bizarre combination of things that were packed into Charley Brewster's room, and decided to take a closer look.

Television, always playing horror movies

Distinctly 80s bedding; classic Nike's slung around bed post, laces knotted so as to render them unwearable; Vintage corded telephone, with real buttons; massive clock radio; pair of skis, posed ingeniously next to an anonymous skiing poster

Desk number 1 of 2, with a Pixar lamp, pile of school books, and portrait of his girlfriend Amy Peterson; jacket slung casually over chair, for when a breeze blows through the ever-open bedroom window; steering wheel hanging randomly on the wall

And what teenager's room is complete without a pachinko machine?

Desk number 2 of 2, with ridiculously oversized boombox, state of the art gaming system with dual phallic joysticks; glowing neon Coors sign

Bookshelf poised above the television, containing random hardcovers, football helmet, and complete set of the World Book Encyclopedias

'No Trespassing' sign on bedroom door (which nobody pays any attention to); 'Stop' and 'Postal Telegraph' signs hung on wall

Large red-and-white model sailboat, mysteriously attached to the wall

'Girls Locker Room' sign; automobile posters can be seen in many of these pics, but here we see a bulletin board full of snapshots of cars, making Charley seem less like an enthusiast and more like an unusual stalker

Floor littered with empty Coca-Cola cans, discarded bags of Lays potato chips, candy wrappers, and just a hint of pornography

And, finally, a pillow fort/sex den on the floor, completely unmindful of the fact that the bed is right there.  Because Amy likes it dirty...

I vaguely remember there being a vampire in this movie, too.

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