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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Short Film: Moving Takahashi (2011)

Moving Takahashi - Title Card

Craig, an unscrupulous employee of Takahashi Moving, is planning on taking the belongings from the wealthy family that hired him and selling it all on the black market for a pretty tidy sum.  Things take a turn when Juliana, the petulant daughter, tells him that she has swallowed every pill in the house and will be dead within twenty minutes.  Finding himself in an unexpected situation, Craig has to decide whether or not Juliana's impending demise is his problem.

This short film looks absolutely stunning.  Shot on film with a true eye for detail and framing, any number of freezeframed images would be suitable for use on the poster or lobby card.  The script was great, as well, and all of the lines were delivered believably by the two leads.

Craig is played by Boyd Holbrook, who appeared in the television series THE BIG C and HATFIELDS & MCCOYS.  He's a scruffy sort of fellow who reminded me a little bit of Sawyer from LOST, but more instantly likable.  Kristin Malko, who portrayed the suicidal Juliana, had previously played Debra Jean Belle in PRISON BREAK (one of my favorite TV series, I confess) and can be seen in a number of other short films.  Both characters are deeply human and deeply flawed, but by the end of the ten minute running time, you begin to feel as if they can help put each other on the mend.

I absolutely loved this movie, and bookmarked it so that I can show it to my wife at a later date. Most short films that I enjoy make me wish that it would be turned into a feature-length production, so it must be a testament to this movie's strength that I'm completely satisfied with it the way it is. Drawing it out and opening it up couldn't possibly add anything except for padding.  And who needs that?

Moving Takahashi from Josh Soskin on Vimeo.


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