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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Moon Memories: The Crush

THE CRUSH - Movie Poster
When THE CRUSH came out in 1993, I had a pretty big crush myself on that film's Lolita villainess, Alicia Silverstone. I had seen it numerous times between the theater and home video, and when I saw that it was going to be on a cable movie channel one summer while visiting my father, I talked the family into watching it with me.

"Is it any good?" my dad asked.

"Look at the commercial!" I implored him. "When you see a hot chick smashing things with a baseball bat, you know it's gonna be a good movie!"

They were less than impressed with the film, and with my love interest, whom my stepmother called a "flash-in-the-pan teenybopper."

Unfamiliar with this phrase, I had registered it as something else. I rose to my feet, incredulous, and shouted, "She's got nice pantinibops! Why shouldn't she flash them!?"

All these years later, I still stand by my assessment.


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